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Phonoda Guest 004 – Kirill Matveev

Mixed and compiled by Kirill Matveev

The 4th episode of our guest series is really special, because our guest is from St. Petersburg, he is the founder of the MixCult Records and Radio, he is a very talented DJ/producer and a very friendly and open minded person. We spent a half day with him and we will never forget all his stories and that kind personality. Yes, he is Kirill Matveev, one of our favourite Russian talented artist. As he said this will be a special „B side set” and it is! With such a good tracks!

Kirill Matveev links:



Mixcult Records:



Enjoy it! Listen loud, share it and follow PHONODA for further fine selections of deeper underground! Respect the artist and BUY music!

Peace! MATO & 7mirror [DJs & Curators PHONODA-miniSeries]

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